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There are no changes from the last stay at home order to this one

By April 8, 2021COVID-19, News

The park is open and occupancy is permitted as per the term of the leases however subjected to the guidelines imposed by the STAY-AT-HOME ORDER where a member can attend/stay for less than 24 hours for an essential purpose or if using their 21 days or a portion of as long as it is in excess of 14 days. Once the park opens for the season on May 1st the same applies, less than 24 hours or a minimum of 14 consecutive days. In other words, weekend occupancy in excess of 24 hours or any number of days that are less than 14 is not permitted under the order. Any breaches won’t be a breach of park rules; however, it will be a breach of the government order and therefore subjected to government enforcement and penalties. The park will not nor is permitted to enforce the order, the OPP is.

Moving and travelling:

  • Travelling is permitted to another location if the person intends to stay there less than 24 hours and is doing so for one of the other purposes set out in the order.
  • Otherwise, travelling to another residence is only allowed if an individual intends to stay there for at least 14 days.

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